Force specific Token / Pass if specific Token type is not assigned

How does the tokentype authorization policy work?

I have just connected my NPS (for my Remote Desktop Gateway) to privacyIDEA via FreeRadius and I’m now able to login using the PUSH token, if I have one set up. I also have made a authorization policy (with a realm filter only) where the push tokentype is forced.

But as long as my user has only one hotp token assigned, /validate/check runs against the hotp token, which cannot succeed, because in the pass argument there is no info at all (truncated by NPS), so the hotp error counter goes up.

I would like to use this in combination with passOnNoToken so that other users without a push token, but with other type of token assigned, are able to login. (which seems to be impossible without transfering the tokentype check from authorization to authentication)

I also tried it with Weblogin (via ADFS) and have one totp and one hotp token assigned, but I’m able to login with both token types, so the authorization policy seems to have no effect at all.

!!!Log Entry Secured by SecureFormatter!!! [2020-05-28 18:54:14,942][177525][140512237389568][DEBUG][privacyidea.lib.policy:527] Policies after matching active: [{‘name’: ‘DUMMY-FORCE_Tokentype’, ‘active’: True, ‘scope’: ‘authorization’, ‘realm’: [‘’], ‘adminrealm’: [], ‘adminuser’: [], ‘resolver’: [], ‘check_all_resolvers’: False, ‘user’: [], ‘client’: [], ‘time’: ‘’, ‘conditions’: [], ‘priority’: 1, ‘action’: {‘tokentype’: ‘totp’}},…]

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Hello Hege,

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I think you are mixing up a lot of topics and information. I can not get my head around this in 2 minutes. Maybe you need to untangle this.

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Hello Cornelius,

thanks for the fast answer.

I think I just found a open feature request that would completely solve (and answer) my primary issue.

But to untangle it a bit - I’m currently struggling with the tokentype - authorization policy, no matter what I have configured, I’m always able to login with all of my three token types (push,totp,hotp).

ADFS Login with HOTP -> Plugin calls
POST /validate/check
but the variable tokentype seems to be null in line #209 in file api/lib/

DEBUGINFO tokentype:None and allowed tokens is {‘totp’: [‘DUMMY-FORCE_Tokentype’]}

I have to keep looking, do you have any idea why the tokentype is null?


The variable you mention in line 209

is read from the HTTP response. So after the authentication was successful.
If the authentication is not successful, the variable is not set.

If you are in the first step of a challenge response authentication (with more than one token), the variable is also not set, because there is not one distinct token.