Feitian Seed File Format

Looking into purchasing some Feitian c200 tokens and their order page lists a number of formats that the seed file can be delivered in. Is there a specific format that PrivacyIDEA requires the see file to be in?

Seed Formats:
PSKC + Key

Seed Encryption

privacyIDEA can import PSKC filew and also AES or password encrypted PSKC files.
I have not seen FEITIAN PSKC files for several years. I know that roughly 7 years ago FEITIAN provided somehow broken (or not compliant) PSKC files, which could fail to import.

Usually we get plain text files, which are in the format:

serial  hexencodedseed

which we transcode to a csv

serial, hexencodedseed, totp, 6, 60

and then import as OATH CSV file into privacyIDEA.

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