Failcount in Dashboard

We have been using Privacyidea since October 2020 and it really works like a charm! Everybody involved is very satisfied with our solution, which is a setup with SimpleSamlPHP and PrivacyIDEA in authproc mode. SSP is servicing a bunch of SP’s, and we have configured it to ask for second factor for one of them. Works ever so smoothly! One thing, though, looks a bit strange in the dashboard:
Failcount is very high there, but in reality it is actually zero or almost zero (a few people have two different second factors registered and the one not used gets a fail when authenticating). The issue is entirely cosmetic, but still…
Kind regards

Thank you for your positive feedback and the feedback with the failcounter.
We are aware of this - also since challenge-response token create a failure with the first request, that creates a challenge. This is totally fine as long as you do not want to do statistics :wink:

However, this will probably not change for a while, since this status is only binary (true or false) and does not easily allow for further states.