Error with push token

I am trying to configure the push token with the latest version and the iOS app.
When i try to add the token in the app, the rolling out process stops with error The data cloudn’t be read because is isn’t in the correct format.

What does this error mean?

I found the problem. i forgot the ttype/push at the end.

The other problem i have now is the rollout is succesfull but i do not get an push notification at all.
On android phones we do get a message but if we click allow we do not get in.

On ios devices we do not see an message at all

Hi rwel,

maybe this HOWTO can help.
Also the iOS app is still under development so there might be issues there as well.


Hi Paul,

tnx for the reply.
I followed the howto and the device roles out perfect. en is beeing registered but no push message. i even reinstalled the app.

Is there an ios how to to?

Either way the android app push is beeing received but if we click allow, nothing happens.
Does the app work 100%?

You know, nothing works 100% :wink:

The App needs to communicate to the privacyIDEA, when you push “allow”. There is a lot that can fail!
You need IP connectivity and you need a trusted certificate for starters.

If the app registers right, the connection is good i guess. Certificate is a wildcard for our domain.

A bug now by the way is i can’t delete the push token in the app (ios) if i remove it and close the app and start it again and it is back.

you will need the APNs key for the app to add to firebase, so firebase can communicate with APNs.
Are you using v2.0.3?


where can i find the APNs key? ik guess we dont have that.
I am using verson 2.0.3 build 1

Hello Nils,

Can you give me a bit more information about getting the push token working on ios?

Hi rwel,
We are currently evaluating if we can give out the key for the APNs publicly, which will take some more time.
If you have access to a Mac, you could compile the app with your own certificate and then create your own key for the APNs to test it in the meantime.

Hi @nilsbehlen,

I have just yesterday setup my first PI server to test the iOS push notifications. Is it still the case that with the app from the App Store, one doesn’ receive the push token on iOS an that I would still have to compile my own version for that?

currently yes, but we are going to publish the key in the near future.

Ahh… great - that’s actually a relief. I don’t know, if you already saw my comments about the Firebase Initialization in the iOS app, I had to change to get it to work. But I think we can discuss this later on.