Error using push notifications

hi guys.
I configured push notifications, when I want to enroll client, Im getting error

{“detail”: null, “id”: 1, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “result”: {“error”: {“code”: 905, “message”: “ERR905: Invalid tokentype provided. ttype: push&ttl=120&issuer=privacyidea&enrollment_credential=a4ee0eeb01fd3e582b8f342c6376ddae9e9a4fdb&v=1&serial=pipu00001f6d&sslverify=0”}, “status”: false}, “time”: 1687177025.9797802, “version”: “privacyIDEA 3.8.1”, “signature”: “rsa_sha256_pss:cf12b115e9fe471db1daa670e7b0af0325f3cc75e162db49a4f1930ba1adde178f66f151d55e71cf27f591657eda16519638c6484110a3cf78fbee86baa7ce67fbe68727e297b9b2657a8fd75d43”}

is come configuration missing?
best regards,

Hi, how does your policy for push enroll look like?

Hi nilsbehlen

these are my policies

Whats in your privacyidea log? The policies look correct. I do not know where the error might come from.

Take a look at the error message. There is not token type:

You are very probably using the API wrong!

I’m getting these errors

Hi corn

how should i set the token type

token type is push


Hi Gui,

You only sent an error output. You did not tell, what you actual did in the first place, when the error occurred.

Do not expect others to act as a wizard and guess your situation.

And read the error message your tokentype is not “push” it is “push&ttl=120&issuer=privacyidea&enrollment_credential=a4ee0eeb01fd3e582b8f342c6376ddae9e9a4fdb&v=1&serial=pipu00001f6d&sslverify=0”!