Error about unsupported SQL syntax while running backup


I installed PrivacyIDEA 3.5.2 and it seemed to be working okay. I wanted to test the backup functionality, but when I run the pi-manage backup create command, I get the following error message:

unsupported SQL syntax: postgresql+psycopg2

I’ve upgraded to 3.6 to see if the issue is resolved in that version, but the error remains.

My SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI variable in pi.cfg is set to postgresql+psycopg2://username:password@db.ourdomain/privacyidea

I’m using psycopg2==2.8.6

Is this a bug, or are backups not supported when using a postgresql database?

Hello and welcome to the community.

As the message says, pi-manage only supports the backup with mysql.

You need to backup manually.

  1. DB dump
  2. /etc/privacyidea/ directory.