Enrolment of guest accounts for owncloud

We have owncloud with the pi app running.

When sharing folders with a new guest account the account will automatically be created in owncloud and put into the virtual guest_app group. Also an email is being sent to the mail address by owncloud for the enrolment automatically. The pi group witch forces the user to authenticate with pi is added manually. owncloud expects the user to define a password during the first login, because the user being member of the pi security group, the users gets forwarded to pi. Is there any chance to setup a policy within pi to have the user create his own token in order to automate the enrolment process?

This depends on the token you wish to enroll.

If you enroll a token “automatically” it also has to be delivered to the user.
This would not work with a smartphone app and not with a hardware token :wink:

But is can work with an SMS token or an EMAIL token using the pre event handler.
You can configure a token handler, that will enroll e.g. an email token before the user is authenticated.

Note: THis only works if privacyIDEA knows the email address (or the mobile number) of the user.


It worked out well, thanks!

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