Enroll Feitian HOTP Token

Hello all,

we have purchased the following tokens:


I am now trying to import these into privacyIDEA, however everything I try fails. I use the SK -Manager from here FEITIAN SK Manager Tool User Manual – FIDO Security Keys, click in the menu on Applications β†’ OTP and generate there Serial, as well as the Secret Key as HEX.

In an import.csv I write then


and import the token. This is now imported with sha1 and after that it does not work during testing. Am I doing something wrong? How can I change the hashlib during import if this is the error?



Press the button 60 times, i.e. generate 60 OTP values and it will work.

To understand why, read the docs

and note, that your file format is wrong. You have an HOTP token, not a TOTP token!

Ah i see - the problem is the β€œtime frame” at the end of th line. Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile:

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