Enable 2FA in AD FS

Hi again,

After some works and helps (From outside of this great community!) privacyIDEA-ADFSProvider-1.1-beta was installed successfully.
Now I want to know how to enable and test this part of PrivacyIdea in MS windows authentication. Any idea??

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Your question is not quite clear.

I assume you configured the ADFS provider according to https://github.com/sbidy/privacyIDEA-ADFSProvider.
I.e. change the config.xml?

The Provider does seem to use the triggerchallenge mechanism. I.e. you need an admin account, who has the right to triggerchallenge.
See http://privacyidea.readthedocs.io/en/latest/policies/admin.html#trigger-challenge

Yes, I changed config.xml values. URL/User/Password/Realm

but still windows authentication method is running and no TOTP required for login. any documentation is available?

Could it be, that you need to add for which groups MFA is required?
Your list is currently empty!

Yes, I test Administrator Group, Users group, Empty list and a single Administrator user. But all the same and didn’t work!

I am not the developer and I did not use it, yet. So I am just doing some logical guessing here. Sorry.

Thanks. I’ll talk with developer directly again.