Email Token trigger post Validation window

Hi All,

not sure why i an getting email OTP Post validation… example

login with password and next window is for OTP to key in and validate, but there is no email… when i click validate option then only email OTP is coming, but by then authentication is Turing to be wrong.

is there something wrong

when i use TOTP, its working perfect…

Any help please ?

If you do not provide any information, how you have configured privacyidea, using OTP PIN, how you configured your application (this is only an example of information), then noone can or will help you.

I guess you have an understanding issue and a configuration issue. But guessing is annoying.
Take a look here to get an idea, what you should do.

i am sorry for the confusion.

My setup is: PI and freeradius both are running on single server. i have not much policy.

Under authentication policy i have only below.
otppin = userstore ( user name -> domain password and then OTP in other window )

Problem is only with email OTP, email does not come after password entry however if i use TOTP, its working fine.

OTP emails come when I enter something in OTP windows ( User name -->Password -->otp window )