Domain\user as username from SQL-Resolver

I managed to get users via MSSQL-Resolver :smiley:
I get a primary key and the username is constructed as [tenant]\[userid]. I see all the users in the “users”-tab in webui, but if I click one, I get

ERR904: The user can not be found in any resolver in this realm!

and the user-object is shown. If I then try to enroll a token, the error is:

ERR905: Cannot pass user_object as well as user, resolver, realm

Is the backslash treated as a split- or special-character?



The backslash could be an escape character.
You could also have an issue with case-insenstive usernames.
Check upgrading to version 3.3.3.

Hi Cornelius,
I updated my installation to 3.3.3 but unfortunately nothing changed…