Dokuwiki plugin not working


We have a privacyIDEA v3.6 server (a LXD container) working wonderfully for LDAP Account Manager (LAM) and Wordpress. I’m having problems getting the Dokuwiki plugin (authprivacyidea) to work.

I’m not very familiar with Dokuwiki, but I’ve installed the plugin (properly, I think).

Using Dokuwiki’s Admin > Configuration Settings, I see plugin “Privacyidea” with correct values (which I had entered via commandline rather than the browser interface). For what it’s worth, I make changes directly in the configuration files rather than the browser.

When I change /var/www/dokuwiki/conf/local.php from:

$conf['authtype'] = 'authldap';

(yes, we currently use the Authldap plugin for authentication)


$conf['authtype'] = 'privacyidea';

going to our Dokuwiki site results in no authentication challenge at all. Just an error appears. The error reads:

“DokuWiki Setup Error
Something unforeseen has happened: Maximum action transitions reached”

I see no logs anywhere to indicate what the problem is, but it appears that Dokuwiki doesn’t like “privacyidea” as a backend authentication value.

Any guidance would be welcome.


The dokuwiki plugin is very old and not actively (or officially?) maintained. I think it is not even part of the privacyIDEA repos at github.

It could very well be, that is does not work with current dokuwiki versions anymore.
It would be great if you could investigate this and issue a pull request at the originial repo.