Display the totp secret string without otpauth:// on enroll page

hi community,

i would like to display the “secret” (in my example RRKKLHID4FOAGGMS2MCET2GSN6KUL3F1) on the totp enroll page next to the qr-code additionally

i can only find the variable “enrolledToken.googleurl.value”
…and it looks like this:

very thanks for your tips


i found it:


in block div class=col-sm-12
add the follow:

The secret code for your authenticator app: {{ enrolledToken.otpkey.value_b32 }}

thanks anyway and greetings

Thanks for looking into this.
Please be aware, that in place modified templates could be overwritten during an upate.

So see the customization, that uses rewrite mechanisms of the webserver to avcoid overwriting:

Just for the record, You can also use the webui policy show_seed: