Disable Google's Firebase for push tokens

As the latest version of PrivacyIDEA Authenticator mobile app supports polling push requests right from PI server, can we disable Google’s Firebase service but continue using push tokens? I understand that users will have to open app to get auth request, that’s fine for us.

Hi @arddg,

actually, if your phone does not support google push, you may still use polling as you said. If your server is not able to contact google firebase to place the push notification (because you block it for instance), the pollable challenge will be created anyways. So just use push tokens without ever connecting to firebase and be happy…



Actually I have tried to change some values like Appid, Apikey etc. in Firebase configuration, but no luck. Push is still working with Google’s Firebase anyway )) Maybe it is not applied for already enrolled tokens?

Also I cannot create new configuration for Push tokens without Firebase’s parameters or with some wrong parameters - PI checks it before saving.

the values of the firebase provider will be in qr of a pushtoken and the phone will save them to configure firebase on every startup. If you want to use the app without firebase, you need to at least clear the app data to remove that configuration. Currently the polling does not work because of a bug: no serial in polling on /ttype/push · Issue #2605 · privacyidea/privacyidea · GitHub, in the next version however, that should work.

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