Deep link to admin interface pages

Is there a way to create links to the PrivacyIdea web interface such that (unauthenticated) admin users first have to authenticate and then get to the URL on the web interface that they requested initially?

Assume you have an own web page where you want to provide a link to see all tokens of a particular user. The link to a particular user in the PI admin web interface would be:

Opening this link (authenticated or unauthenticated in the PI instance on will not work as expected because the web browser will open the URL but PI will show two error messages (“Authentication failure. Missing Authorization header.”).
From an admin user’s point of view the expected behaviour would be that one is first asked to authenticated in PrivacyIdea and then (after successful authentication) is redirected to the above URL (i.e. the page showing all tokens/info of a particular user) that one initially wanted to open.

So, I wonder if there is a trick to compose the URL to experience the above-described behaviour?

No this is currently not possible.
We would have to get the referrer (the original deep link), save it and go there, after the user is logged int. But currently this is not implemented.