Credential Provider - How to compile

Hi all, a few questions:

  1. If I compile Credential Provided myself using the code from GitHub do I still require a subscription license?
  2. Is there any firther information on how to compile from the GitHub code, i.e. what settings are used for the compile, are the projects set to produce dll or lib, should it be compiled as debug or release ect…

Depending on the answers from the above I will have a few more questions.


You will also need a subscription file.
You can simply use the release build.

There you also find a subscription file.

My view of the world is: if you want to compile the credential provider yourself, you should have a deeper understanding, how a credential provider works, (which includes how it needs to be compiled) and how it needs to be integrated into the system.
There are some docs from Microsoft for this.

For all the people, who do not like, do not need to do this, there is the above mentioned MSI.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Just to be clear, even if we compile this we still need a subscription filw?

Second, we are wanting to compile it for a couple of reasons, we wanted to hard code some values in.

Our ultimate goal is to have an installer which does not ask any questions, it just puts the files were they need to be and sets up the registry.

So for security and ease of install the host URL and Realm would be hard coded, so our customer does not need to do anything other than run the MSI. Each customer would have their own MSI file.

So at the moment we are going back to basics and just trying to compile the GitHub version with no changes, but every time we do it outputs 2 lib files instead of 2 dll files. (CredentialProvider and Filter)


Please note the license notes