Credential Provider changed prompts to German

Just wondering if this happened to anybody else. Upon installing Credential Provider, I noticed that my default “Username and Password” prompts are now in German instead of English. How can I get this changed back to English? This happens when the user enters the wrong password on Windows logon or performs a “Run as another user”.


Hi are you using 3.5.1?

Yes, it is 3.5.1. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the prompts are still in German.

Which prompts?
I found that i had inverted the ones for username and password. Are those the ones you mean?

That is correct. They appear to have been changed from English to German after installing Credential Provider


i have fixed that, but we will wait some more time if other problems with 3.5.1 occur, before we release 3.5.2

Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you, it is working well now