Created Realm Not showing on the web UI

Hi there,
Using version 2.19.1 on Ubuntu LTS. Realms were created from the web UI but because it wasn’t showing i end up creating many!. Checking with pi-manage realm list i could see several has been created but NON is showing on the web-ui except the 1st one that was created during the setup.
Due to this situation it has not been possible to have more than 1 Realm on the UI across all pages thereby making it impossible to properly define and assign Policy.

Kindly advise what needs to be done to resolve this situation. Thanks for your help.

Output of "pi-manage realm list " below due to several trials

  realmusers: [u'localusers', u'otpusers'] [u'localusers', u'otpusers']     ----> this is the only one appearing on the web UI for Admin users
    otpusers: [u'otpusers']
   realmuser: [u'otpusers']
 users.realm: [u'otpusers']
     otpuser: [u'otpusers']
       users: [u'otpusers']

Please check if you have defined any admin policies.

Then: Use the log file privacyidea.log. Adapt the log level accordingly.

Note: pi-manage realm is directly working on the database layer! The UI of course uses the REST API and honors policies. So I very much assume you simply misconfigured your policies.

hi there,
thank you. it was the Policy issue. i’ve to disable the “superuser” policy as with it the UI is showing limited capabilities. There are still lot of things to discover on the relationship between Policy, Realm, and Resolver!!!



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