Create user with Password in Ldap

Hi! I am trying to create a user in Ldap using API Priva and this user is create successfully but without a password. I dont know what i am doing wrong.

My config are:

Attribute Mapping

{“phone”:“telephoneNumber”,“mobile”:“mobile”,“email”:“mail”,“surname”:“sn”,“givenname”:“givenName”,“displayName”:“displayName”,“string”:“Title”,“groups”:“memberOf”,“employeeid”:“employeeID”,“description”:“description”,“userAccountControl”:“userAccountControl”,“accountExpires”:“accountExpires”,“id”:“objectGUID”,“objectClass”:“objectClass”,“manager”:“manager”,“title”:“title”,“thumbnailPhoto”:“thumbnailPhoto”,“department”:“department”,“lockoutTime”:“lockoutTime”,“userPrincipalName”:“userPrincipalName”, “dn”: “distinguishedName”, “password” : “password”}

Search Filter:


The endpoint is /user/ passing all the data to this endpoint and sending admin token to autenthicated. But the user allways create without password.

If you need more information let me know.

You are mapping

"password": "password"

I very much assume that the password is not stored in the LDAP attribute password!

PS: I do not know if this works at all, even if you would set the correct LDAP attribute.

I rechecked. Currently privacyIDEA does not support setting the AD password!

Ok, perfect.
I assume that you could change de password of a LDAP Object, like a local user but you are right mapping “password” with “password” not has sense.
Sorry for bothering and Thank you for the answer.