Create a new user

There was an error message “error905: Missing parameter:“user” " always appearing while i was trying to create a new user.


How can i edit user store properly? Thanks

Hello Minianson,

welcome to the privacyIDEA community and your interest in privacyIDEA.

The main concept of privacyIDEA is, that it sits besides an already existing user store or user management system. Usually each organization, every application has a list of users, stored in a SQL database, in a file or in an LDAP /AD.
This is why we usually do not manage users.
However, creating/“managing” users started for small setups with the SQL resolver.
I have not seen trying s.o. to use the LDAP resolver for managing users for maybe 3 or 4 years. Why? Because natually you only have very limited possibilitis.
You can not change attributes of users, you can not manage group memberships, you can not tell different places, where to create the users. You are lacking the complete flexibility of managing users in an LDAP. So why trying to do this from privacyIDEA?


if you receive such error messages, you need to take a look at your privacyidea.log file.
If this does not tell you enough, you should increase the logging level in pi.cfg.