Complete configuration via environment variables or config file


I recently started looking in to PrivacyIdea. It is a nice project. I have a AWS Microsoft AD running and I want to use privacyIdea + freeradius for OTP verification.

Is it possible to configure everything by specifying a config file? I would like to use Microsoft AD for UserIdResolver and use AWS RDS Mysql for token storage.

I see some possibility of configuring via environment variables.

Is there a way through which we can define the entire config?

Hi and welcome to the community!

The most basic configuration options for privacyIDEA are usually read from a config file (see the documentation for more details), but e.g. the user ID resolver configuration is stored in the SQL database, which enables easy configuration via the REST API and the Web UI.

The documentation contains a “First Steps” tutorial which you might find helpful.

Best Wishes