Community Edition Limitations

Are there any limitations one should be aware of when operating using the Community Edition? Except not having SLA?
Some features that aren’t available?
Maximum users that can use the system?
Any other limitations that might affect the usage?

There are a lot of questions.

Most of them are e.g. answered in the readme at github.

Please tell, which information you already read and which information you are actually missing.
Then we can add this missing information at the right place.

Where is that readme file located? I’ve tried some digging in the main repository and I’ve found some readme files but unfortunately none of them had any reference to the differences between the Commnunity Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Where did you search?
This is important, so that we know were you actually expected such information!?

See here:

That’s the readme file I saw, yeah.

I’ll tailor the question better to my situation because I haven’t found an answer in that file.
For someone using PrivacyIDEA to connect to SSL-VPN through LDAP servers, would someone without a subscription run into trouble? Especially when scaling up?

If I understand correctly, the limitations are described in the chart section in the readme file, right? And those only pertain to plugins such as Credential Provider, etc.

Thank you for asking persinstantly. You are right we should add a note at this very location about the privacyIDEA server itself.

The privacyIDEA Server and the FreeRADIUS plugin have not technical limitation.
The only limit is, that there will be a welcome message (when logging in as admin in the UI), that you should consider getting a subscription.

At what point does the welcome message for the admin UI become enforced? 50 users? Because as of now, I can just tick the hide_welcome_info on in the policy.

Yes. 50 users with active tokens.