Command line client with new interface and bash completion

We also release a new version of the privacyIDEA admin client.

We improved the command line interface, change the tons of confusing
parameters to commands and subcommands. The is a bash completion, that
makes it even easiert to use and all parameters can be put into a config
file, which makes automation simpler.
Please note: The command line client “privacyideaadm” still exists. The new
client is simply called “privacyidea”.

Listing the tokens can be done like this:

 privacyidea @secrets.txt token list

where a file @secrets.txt looks like this:


The command line for enrolling yubikeys gets as short as this:

privacyidea @secrets.txt token yubikey_mass_enroll

If you want to know the defined client machines, do this:

privacyidea @secrets.txt machine list

In combination with the bash completion, we like it a lot.
Each command and sub command comes with its own help, each help screen fits
onto your screen! No information overflow!

Have fun