Changing registration token format

Since our Upgrade to 3.5, the format of the registration tokens became more complex. It now includes a lot of special characters


Before: p3UHI9dCzOSrq9i1OQ1Jo4UV

Now: h<)vI1=:M*}*\xz2AKHb8t;+

I have a feeling that this is breaking the login for some users behind corporate proxies, maybe sometimes due to encoding issues?

I have tried setting registration.contents="-s" in the /token/init request, but it doesn’t seem to make difference.

Anywhere else I can set the format of these tokens?

I was able to find it out by myself:

we have an active enrollment policy, and I guess this overrides anything passed via the api. So setting registration.contents in that policy to “-s” worked.

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Thanks for posting your insights!

That is correct!
Policies override any request parameters. (That is the sense of policies, after all!) :wink: