Change Time of PrivacyIdea Server


I’m new in privacyidea and still to try out more features of privacyidea. If i’m change the date of privacyidea server, the TOTP token is always return wrong otp although its a new enrollment TOTP token.

I’m already to use resync token it self but still no good …

If i’m reboot the privacyidea server, the issue has gone because the date change back to before … how i can resolve this issue without reboot the server ?

If you change the date it is quite local that TOTP will not work anymore. The server and the TOTP token are supposed to have the same date, since they are calculating base on seconds since 1970. See RFC 6238.
However, you can change the timezone safely.

Thanx you for the answer cornelinux … :+1:

I will ask again if found another problem …