Challenge Respons SMS

Hi All,

i use Privacyidea for many month now and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

But, today i create a new server on an other site with the same parameters and i have a problem with Challenge response with SMS.

When i’m connecting with my sslvpn client, with TOTP token only on my user, i have a new window to type OTP challenge but with SMS token it’s not working.

it’s working on my other server with the same configuration.

i put totp sms to challenge_respons section of my policies.

Do you have an idea ?



Hello @cnopix

check your policies!

check your audit log!

check your log file.

Thanks Cornelinux,

i check my policies, it’s the same like my other server.

i user freeredius -X command with and without TOTP and it’s the same but when i use SMS, the challenge is not send.

i check logs and audit and no error , i see that i use the correct policies.

only one difference, the old server is a privacyidea 3.4.1 upgraded to 3.5 and the new one is 3.5 directly.



Which SMS Gateway are you using?

Did you copy the configuration on a database level or did you create the gateway anew.
Please note, that some of the settings of the SMS Provider in privacyIDEA might be encrypted and can not be easily copied on a DB level.

I use the same on two site , Yeastars TG200.

no i create a new one on the new server with same parameter.

i receive the sms so the sms gateway works but i receive the sms three times and the challenge respons don’t appear on my vpn software (the same like other site).

If you receive the SMS, then your VPN software seems to be misconfigured.

I found a difference between TOTP and SMS.

when i use TOTP, my filterID for group is a list but with SMS just sting.

i check my configuration again and i don’t found difference.



As far as I understood you say it works out on the other/old machine. So could it be that you have some different software version on both machines? The privacyIDEA server or any other component in the stack?

i use ubuntu 18.04 on each server.

i update each server with apt update and apt upgrade

i have the last version of privacyidea on each server.

how can i check other difference ?


i found the issue and it works now :slight_smile:
i use microsoft NPS and for this server i need to change " Number of seconds without response before request is considered dropped" for my remote radius server to 60 sec.

Thanks for your help.