CentOS 7 Client Setup

I setup Privacyidea 2.19.1 server on CentOS 7. I setup Privacyidea client privacyideaadm 2.15 on Centos 6 and I’m able to connect to the client successfully through putty from different PC. But after following the same steps to setup privacyideaadm 2.15 on Centos 7, I receive “server refused our key” error. Can you please help me fix this issue? Thank you.

Need more input to process! :wink:

CentOS 6 is a bit old. At least I know that CentOS 6 is not supported on server side. So I am not sure on client side.

I have figured it out. I forgot to add AuthorizedKeysCommandUser nobody in the sshd_config file. Thanks for the reply.

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