Can we split out authenticator interface to two windows?

As the title, I want to split out authenticator interface to two windows. The first window i type username & password from “userstore”, then at next window i type OTP this look easy to type password compared to now only one window include password or PIN + OTP.
Can i do it ?

Sorry i resolved this problem. Thanks All!

Would you mind telling

a) what did you mean by “authenticator interface” and
b) how you resolved it?

It would be great, if you would also give some information back.

@duyphung answered privately An option in policy “Challenge Response”.

I think the original question was, how the OTP value could be entered in the login dialog in a 2nd window.
And the solution would be to use this policy

Unfortunately people are lazy,
are not capable of describing their problems
or write full sentences!

Poor world!

I got the same problem. I use Privacyidea 2FA for openvpn. To connect I must first enter my username in one field and in the next field Pass+OTP. Im helping a intership center where alot of people are getting confused about Pass+otp in one field.

Someone with a solution? Please contact me, you will make over a 100 people happy.

Best Regaards
William Derro

Hi William,

it totally (like in 100%) depends on your openvpn client. If this client does not support several password fields, that it can not work. This has nothing to do with privacyIDEA.

In a 2nd step it depends on if you are using PAM or RADIUS for authenticating with OpenVPN.

Noone can make 100 people happy, if the situation of the people is not known.
Well, you should ask @duyphung if he is willing to share his insights.