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In some cases adding the same token a 2nd time makes sense. You can add the same token to the machine with other options.
In case of the ssh token you can use a different user. Attaching the same ssh key on the same machine to different users.
There is already an issue on github. I will look into this.
Kind regards Cornelius

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We are detaching tokens via API… I just checked my sample code and it appears I’m just deleting the token… which apparently works… except when this issue is being experienced.
I’m not quite certain how we ran into it either, it must’ve been in the early days of testing the REST API, we replayed the request to attach the token to the machine.
Will start looking into mySQL to fix this for us. You should either disallow the attachment of a second identical token, or fix the detach button, however…

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 11:39:08 AM UTC-5, Cornelinux K wrote:Hi Jim,

I do not understand how you ran into this issue in the first place.

You detached the token via the API? How?

As a last resort - at the moment - for your “broken users” you can still

modify the database tables machinetoken and machinetokenoptions on the

DB level.

(machinetoken links to the token table, the token table is connected to

the user)

Kind regards


Am Mittwoch, den 04.11.2015, 11:29 -0500 schrieb James McCracken:

P.S. Our use case is to create and manage the ssh keys on behalf of

our end users (Windows devs find SSH confusing. It doesn’t help that

ubuntu doesn’t accept puttygen public keys) - and if they request a

new ssh key when they already have one, we want to go through

privacyidea, detach the current ssh token from any machines, delete

the old token, create the new token, and attach it to the machines the

old token had access to.

On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 11:27 AM, James McCracken wrote:

    Hi Cornelius,
    Thanks for all your help lately!
    Wanted to let you know of a bug we ran into.
    If you attach a token to a machine twice, then try to detach
    it, you get this error:
    (IntegrityError) (1451, 'Cannot delete or update a parent row:
    a foreign key constraint fails (`pi`.`machinetokenoptions`,
    CONSTRAINT `machinetokenoptions_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY
    (`machinetoken_id`) REFERENCES `machinetoken` (`id`))')
    'DELETE FROM machinetoken WHERE machinetoken.token_id = %s AND
    machinetoken.machine_id = %s AND
    machinetoken.machineresolver_id = %s AND
    machinetoken.application = %s' (15L,
    NonProd,OU=Cloud,DC=xxxxx,DC=com', 1L, 'ssh')
    This error occurred because of mistakes we made when we were
    first implementing the APIs (we use vRA and use Rest
    exclusively to add tokens and manage machines) - so its not
    something we expect to happen again, but that still leaves us
    with users that are permanently broken... and I have to
    imagine some other fool is going to make this mistake at some
    point in the future, it'd be best if the UI can just detach
    these tokens properly.

Cornelius Kölbel


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