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SMS_PHONENUMBER_KEY is deprecated and should not be used anymore.
You should have sent your SMS config in the first place as my magic glass ball is broken.


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I’ve installed privacyidea 2.13 on a Ubuntu server 14.04 through ppa.Now it’s working with Static passwords, TOTP etc.
I will also configure it to deliver OTP via an HTTP SMS Gateway.I’ve tried to configure the HTTP SMS provider, but p-idea generate wrong string.I can see in the log of the HTTP SMSGW server that phone number is SMS_PHONENUMBER_KEY and message is SMS_TEXT_KEY
Do I miss some sign’s in the code or something? Seams that the system don’t get the value/variable.
In the debug log, I can see that p-idea is choosing the right phonenumber and a otp code. When I try to use this otp code, it’s valid and I get further.

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