Authproc filter in simpleSAMLphp


I’m quite new to privacyIDEA, so please bear with me :slight_smile:

We are using the simpleSAMLphp privacyIDEA module much like described in the blog post here:

It works smooth and as expected. In the module documentation (
there are a couple of config parameters I don’t really understand how to use:

Blockquote /**
* Other authproc filters can disable 2FA if you want to.
* If privacyIDEA should listen to the setting, you have to enter the state’s path and key.
* The value of this key will be set by a previous auth proc filger.
* privacyIDEA will only be disabled, if the value of the key is set to false,
* in any other situation (e.g. the key is not set or does not exist), privacyIDEA will be enabled.
‘enabledPath’ => ‘’,
‘enabledKey’ => ‘’,

Are there any examples or pointers on how to use enabledPath/enabledKey? I think this will provide functionality I need, but I am a bit stuck on how to.

I do apologise if this is a stupid question and it should be obvious, but to me it isn’t :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Hey there
I do not think, that you need it, but I try to explain.

If you would have a module for simpleSAMLphp, which wants to turn off other modules, it would be necessary. The Module might set in the state something like “moduleState/enable2FA=true”

Then the path would be moduleState and the key disable2FA.

Leave it blank as it is, to ignore it

Hope it helps

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thanks for your kind reply. I will go back to my config and figure out what I want to achieve and see if I can find a solution. I might post another question if I’m stuck! :slight_smile: