Authentication Error on Openvpn + PrivacyIDEA +LDAP

Hey Team,

Have deployed privacyidea latest version on ubuntu server and we have openvpn server deployed on another server.

Now we are integrating the openvpn with privacyidea(LDAP + TOTP) auth.

And after we did the needful config, getting the below error on openvpn.log and no relative logs on the “privacyidea.log” file.

" AUTH-PAM: BACKGROUND: user ‘siraj.test’ failed to authenticate: Authentication failure
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 PLUGIN_CALL: POST /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/openvpn/plugins/ status=1
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 PLUGIN_CALL: plugin function PLUGIN_AUTH_USER_PASS_VERIFY failed with status 1: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/openvpn/plugins/
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 TLS Auth Error: Auth Username/Password verification failed for peer
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 Control Channel: TLSv1.3, cipher TLSv1.3 TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 PUSH: Received control message: ‘PUSH_REQUEST’
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 Delayed exit in 5 seconds
Wed Feb 8 09:45:08 2023 SENT CONTROL [UNDEF]: ‘AUTH_FAILED’ (status=1)
Wed Feb 8 09:45:13 2023 SIGTERM[soft,delayed-exit] received, client-instance exiting "


auth [success=1 default=ignore] /etc/pam.d/ /home/sathishkumar.s/ url= prompt=privacyIDEA_Authentication realm=ldaprealm nosslverify debug
auth requisite
auth required
session sufficient
account sufficient

openvpn server.conf

Added the below line on the server.conf
plugin /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/openvpn/plugins/ “/etc/pam.d/openvpn”

Added the needful config

reneg-sec 0

Please help us out to fix the issue… Thanks in advance