Atlassian Crowd and PI for MFA

Have any members connected privacyIdea as the 2FA option for Atlassian Crowd?
We would like to use this in our system - Crowd/Jira/Confluence.
Our current setup up is using an in-house SSO client linked to privacyIdea. We would like to manage our various LDAP connections within Crowd

It would save us a lot of investigation just to know that this is possible? How to do it would be even better but may be beyond our in-house skills.

PI version 2.23.2 running on AWS centos

Kind Regards

This should be possible:

Atlassian would be the SAML SP. privacyIDEA can be added to a lot of SAML IdPs like simpleSAMLphp, Keycloak, ADFS.
We have in-house skills.