Assign Static IP Address to authenticated user

the problem that I face with it is how can I assign a static IP address to authenticated users through 2FA?

In my scenario, IP Addresses are assigned to domain users via Dial-in tab > Static IP Address.

Through radius authentication should map domain ‘msradiusframedipaddress’ attribute to radius ‘Framed-IP-Address’ and then assign it to authenticated users, but the problem is Microsoft stores IP Address (Dial-in tab > Static IP Address) in decimal and it must be converted to IPv4 dot-formated before map to radius ‘Framed-IP-Address’.

My question is how can I overcome with this issue. Is there anyway to assign IP via privacyIdea, regardless of its own freeradius?

You could use the additional user attributes to manage IP addresses for users and pass this via RADIUS.