Android Push Troubleshooting "Server Does Not Allow the Rollout"

Does anyone know why we would be getting the following error “Server does not allow the rollout”? Within the privacyidea app (in the token wallet), it also says “Pushtoken - Rollout unfinished”

As far as we can tell, we have privacyidea configured correctly according to the instructions. I also went in and enabled the token within token details. We can also send test push notifications within firebase with no problems.

For some reason, after we scan the QR code to pair our Android device, we’re getting this error.

Thanks for any help!

Hey Steve,
welcome to our forum!

Can you give us more information please?
It would be nice to see your policies and your SMS-Gateway configuration.

Kind reagards
Micha Preußer

Thanks Mipronimo.

Yes, happy to provide more information.

Here is our “pushEnroll” policy:


Here is our “pushAuth” policy:


Take a look at the privacyIDEA Audit log.
Your smartphone App fails to communicate with the privacyIDEA server.