A word about documentation

Sometimes we hear, that documentation is not good. (And more often we hear, that documentation is great).

  • privacyIDEA is a complex product with over 400 pages of documentation.
  • privacyIDEA is a flexible product, that does not have a checkbox “activate feature 17”, but you often need to configure several aspects, to achieve the desired behavior. (Otherwise we would end up with 2.34 million checkboxes - last time we counted)

So if you think and experience that documentation does not help you, there are at least two possibilities. One of which is we might need to improve the documentation, so your feedback is valuable. But also bear in mind, that we can only make use of your feedback, if you provide enough information (you know, 400 pages).

what you need to do

When you think documentation needs improvement, please answer the following questions:

  • What did you try to achieve? (Maybe it is not possible with privacyIDEA - well… most probably not)
  • Where/what did you read? (Maybe you read at the wrong place)
  • What did you not understand?
  • What information was missing? (Maybe we need to clarify things or add links like relates topics or read before reading this…)

If we know, what you were actually missing in the documentation or where you bailed out, then we have the chance to improve it. Just saying, “it does not not work out for you”, does not give us any clue. It works out for most of the rest.

Thanks a lot!

PS: Either start a new topic or you may also respond here.