3.4 Upgrade fails on symbolic link

Hi community,

the upgrade to the newest version of privacyIDEA fails with the following error message.

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/etc/freeradius/3.0/mods-enabled/mods-perl-privacyidea’: File exists

The system runs Ubuntu 18.04 with all current updates installed.
The original update was made from version 3.2.1-1bionic.

apt-cache policy privacyidea now states that 3.4-1bionic is installed and also the installation candidate, but looking at the (still old) WebUI that’s not the case. The (TOTP) token authentification also fails in this state.

Any help to solve this would be appreciated.


this link is not a component of the packages privacyidea-apache2 or privacyidea but rather privacyidea-radius.

So obviously your privacyidea-radius have been updated. Maybe you had some manual changes.
You should be able to simple remove the link, run the updates successfully and - if necessary at all - recreate it.