Specific scenarios

What specific scenarios should be set source computer with installed PI credential provider (config reg: cpus_credui 0e, cpus_logon 0e, cpus_unlock 0e, enable_filter 1) if the target computer is not installed credential provider
In our case, we connect to a remote registry, where we enter a username/password and can change the registry settings

Hi, it seems there is no credential provider used for network registry connection. Your settings are correct and if the CP loads for example when you try “Run as administrator” but not on network registry, Windows does not load Credential Providers for that. So there is nothing we can do about that.

I understand correctly that anyone who is an administrator on a computer with an installed privacy idea credential provider can remotely connect to the registry and change the settings ?

Please elaborate on this!

Yes, because connecting to the registry does not trigger credential providers. This is done by windows, we have no influence on this. You can disable the availablity of the registry via network.

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