Special port or protocol for tokens?

Hello guys,

I wonder if privacyIDEA uses a special port or protocol for authenticating the second factor tokens?
I used Wireshark to record all actions during the 2FA at OwnCloud and the used protocols were tcp/tlsv1.2 with port 443. I checked the logs and couldn’t find any other protocols/ports.

OwnCloud and privacyIDEA are running as HTTPS.

Is it really this simple? Would be great :wink:

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it does not use any additional port. privacyIDEA only uses 443. For the complete API - management and authentication.
See the chapter about the REST API:
You may be interested in the endpoint /validate/check.

Do you experiencing any problem?

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thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
There are no problems at all, I just wanted to know if I missed something.

Have a great weekend.
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