Rollout TOTP Token on Android phone problem

Hello together,

I’ve a problem with rollout tokens via qr code on android phones.

Config privacyidea
TOTP tokens only
6 digits
30 sec.

We make a test with two phones: One phone are Andorid 5.0 and the otherone is Andorid 7.0 both from Samsung.

One both phones we installed FreeOTP from Redhat and privacyIDEA Authenticator.

On the Andorid 5.0 everything ist working and the correct code for the user ist displayed (both apps). But on the Andorid 7.0 device always other codes are displayed and no login is possible.

Does anyone have an idea?

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An Andorid update turned off the automatic time synchronization. This was activated and now it works. So the device had the wrong time.

Thank you!
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Thanks a lot for the update and the solution!

Just try the “privacyidea authenticator”! This will also allow you to do 2 step enrollment.