Push Token - Firebase

Recently setup PI and successfully got it to secure Exchange OWA using OTOP. Would love to see if I can get push tokens working too. I’ve read the documentation on the Authenticator app, but I’m extremely confused on what Firebase is/how to set it up the project and app. I saw Authenticator 4.0 now can use a central service, but not interested in an SLA at the moment.

Are there some steps, documentation, videos, whatever that walk you thru setting up Firebase?


Hi JP1,

welcome to privacyIDEA.

Hm, what is actually OTOP? Is it a software component which I do not know or is it a Typo?

(Have you read this: Push Token — privacyIDEA 3.7 documentation)

You see, and this is the reason why we decided to compile a fixed firebase project into the privacyIDEA Authenticator App. The upside is, that setting this up becomes much easier. The more important upside is, that it becomes much more robust.
The downside is, that it is currently not publically available anymore.

However, in your case you should use “push poll”.

For this functionality the user has to have the Authenticator App open, it will actively poll the privacyIDEA server and the user will get the question displayed.


Second…the OTOP was a typo. :slight_smile: Sorry.
Was SUPPOSED to say, “TOTP”.

I’ll re-read the documentation again and give it a shot.
I might have to go the route of the fixed Firebase project, but that involves subscribing/paying for the licenses correct?

Right. Or you would need to adapt the source code and add another firebase project and recompile…