PrivacyIDEA LDAP-Proxy



Hello Cornelius

Now i have the following problem what i’ve has find out…

When i directly insert dc=ludochur,dc=ch then he found 16 users BUT also he show me the Devices what in the ActiveDirectory Tree is also in OU=LUDOCHUR. When i insert that too, with OU=USER he dosen’t fint any user.

I will try now also what if, when i rename OU=LUDOCHUR, and wil reply soon.

Greatings, calgia


After ask my boss and getting, that he dosent know very good about ldap it has work. thread can be closed. thank you all for your assistance


Hi Calgia,

good to hear it works out.
Can you tell us, what was the problem?

THanks a lot


Hi Corneliux

Sorry, for my late awnser

I’ve insertet the tree like i have to open at the activedirectory not backwords…

Greatings, calgia