Privacyidea 3 Radius Plugin

Hello Cornelius,

is there already a .deb for the radius plugin for the new version
or should i build it from the github repo?

As a side note i had to install default-libmysqlclient-dev on bionic to get rid of a “cannot find” error.

Best regards

No, there is no new RADIUS plugin at the moment.
You could also use the old one, from the launchpad ppa.
We decided to split the releases of plugins and server.


you don’t need the -dev package. For me installing
libmysqlclient20 was all that was needed.
I’ve not yet filed an issue in github.


I tried to use the old one from the ppa but it doesn’t seem to play nice with freeradius 3.
Do you have an ETA for the new plugin?

The plugin works just the same with freeradius 3.
The only difference is, that the configuration of freeradius 3 changed and you need to change the config file. Nothing else.
You can read into
or it is simple as that: