privacyIDEA 2.2 and offline OTP


a new release of privacyidea 2.2 has been published.
The ubuntu packages are built on launchpad 12 minutes ago.

The main thing with privacyIDEA 2.2 is Offline OTP.

There is a new MachineApplication “Offline”, which is capable of handing
hashed OTP values to the client. The client can cache these values for
authenticating without the privacyIDEA server being available.
At the moment this works with HOTP token types like the Google
Authenticator, the Yubikey and most click tokens.

A privacyIDEA PAM module fetches these authentication items
transparently and allows authentication either online or offline.
The token, that was used offline, can not be used online - while being
offline - avoiding replay attacks.

Try and see.

Kind regards