otpExtra fix in simplesamlphp module

I apologize for my ignorance on this, but it appears that an issue I am having with the privacyidea module for simplesamlphp is fixed in the latest commit of the module. It’s related to the password not get authenticated when using privacyidea for both LDAP authentication and TOTP. Just like in this issue:

Github is reporting that it’s fixed in this version that was submitted to be merged already:

However, when I attempt to install it using composer or even manually download the files from github, I am getting the same version of files that do not have the fix. Is there a way for me to get the fixed version of the files or do I have to wait until it’s fully merged into the master branch.

Thank you for the assistance.

You must not use the release but the latest master.
Use git or this zipped version of the master branch


Ok, thank you. Is the otpExtra fix actually in the master branch, then? Sorry, I am not too familiar with how github displays the changes. I was looking for otpExtra in the updated files and it seemed like it wasn’t there, but maybe the fix was to remove that piece of it. If it’s already in the master branch, then I should be good.

Thanks again!