OATH OTP-Key not alphanumerical?

Hello community,

We are currently evaluating privacyIDEA. Our first step was to test ADFS, SSH and RDP logins with TOTP and HOTP with the privacyIDEA App. Since everything worked as expected, we took one-step forward and ordered some FIDO Tokens.

Registering a U2F Token works like a charm but it seems that U2F and Putty or RDP do not go very well with each other.

Token2 Tokens also support HOTP, but the generated Security keys are alphanumerical. The privacyIDEA WebGui seems to accept only numerical values. Is/will it possible to add HOTP Tokens with alphanumeric security keys?

What is an alphanumerical “security key” in your terminology?

Thank you for your reply!
My question was about the OTP-Key. It’s not called that way in the token configuration tool, so i messed up the names. I’ve tested the rollout again 30 minutes ago and realized that the generated key is Base32 encoded. Decoded into hexadecimal everything seems to work.

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