Newbie Question: missing privacyIDEA setup tool

Hello Community
I’m new to privacyIDEA. I’m a GUI person and not used to work with the terminal. I installed privacyIDEA on a new Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop. I Tried to follow the setup guide and saw, that there is a setup tool to easy manage the radius clients and set backup rules etc.
I tried to access the setup tool in terminal with the command privacyidea-setup but I only get a command not found . Dit I miss something during the installation or do i have to install an additional package?
Thank you in advance

Hi André,

I am sorry, this part of the documentation is a bit out of date.
This tool is now called pi-appliance. The source code can be found here:
But as an ubuntu package it is only available in the enterprise repository.

Kind regards