New release privacyidea 1.2

today I released privacyidea 1.2.

The interesting changes are:

  1. added application for machines like LUKS and SSH
  2. send SMS via sipgate
  3. add RADIUS support
  4. SQL audit janitor
  5. improved SMS provider UI
  6. added possibility to do basic authentication instead of session auth.

Tokens can be assigned to client machines and applications. Meaning you
can assign a token to LUKS on client “xyz”. Thus being able to enroll
authentication information regarding this token to this machine to be
used with the application LUKS.
In a first step, this is used for yubikeys to unlock the encrypted harddisk.

Another interesting thing is that you can switch from session based
authentication to basic authentication. (within privacyidea, not within
the webserver)
So this also works with a simple paster!

Finally privacyidea 1.2 is also available as a debian package for ubuntu

Have fun