Invalid Attribute Troubleshooting

I’m seeing this in my privacyidea log, how can I go about identifying the source of it?

[INFO][privacyidea.api.lib.postpolicy:466] invalid attribute

do You have some more information? Which privacyIDEA version, which request, …
It looks like this comes from an LDAP query.

Oh sorry, that is pretty vague. Running PI 3.2 and this appears in the log everytime someone authenticates with a token through the PrivacyIDEA-ADFS Provider or the privacyidea-freeradius plugin.

@wwalker, would you understand that privacyIDEA is a highly flexible system that can behave and react in myriads of different ways? As long as you do not tell anything about your settings, your policies, your handlers, noone has a magic glass ball to guess what is up there.

Honestly, I personally find this highly annoying, that you simply send one single line of a log message and expect anyone to sacrafice his time to help you. Obviously you have no knowledge of how IT and IT debugging works.

So get some professional help! For IT and for your communication!

I fully understand that PrivacyIDEA is flexible, its part of the reason that I am interested in it. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I thought this was a community forum where PI administrators could ask questions and get help from others using the application. I didn’t realize this was an extension of Github that required replication steps, config dumps, etc…What configuration files should I be including with questions/problems I have?

I apologize that my question has personally offended you. I realize that you have a great amount of pride in what you’ve developed based on some of the passionate remarks you’ve made in my threads and others. However, as this application grows in popularity, as I’m sure you want more than I do, you may want to steel yourself against the fact that many more un-knowledgeable IT professionals are going to come here asking similar, sometimes difficult questions.

As for the problem at hand, I’ve admitted that my initial question didn’t provide much detail and genuinely apologized for it, maybe it didn’t come off genuine, maybe there’s a language/culture gap causing more issues here than anything.

Regardless, I’ve provided as much detail as I would have thought necessary to point me in the direction to look. If you notice, though detail lacking, I didn’t ask for someone to solve my problem, just to point me in the direction that could be the cause. Is it a policy error because it says postpolicy, does the number 466 indicate the line of a file somewhere that generated the error, maybe someone else has encountered this issue and knows what’s going on, is it a problem with the freeradius or ADFS provider, or is it mapping an AD field incorrectly?

Thank you for your elaborated comment.
This is not a replication of github. Github would deals with developing privacyIDEA. This forum deals with using privacyIDEA.

Your questions is totally right here at this forum. But still you usually need to provide more information, because otherwise everbody would end up looking in the magic glass ball and start guessing. I guess you have read my recent lengthy post about this? :wink:

As the one line of error tells us, you have a problem in your policies. So it might be a good idea, that you tell this forum a bit more about your policies. But you did not. You could have described your policy settings or you could have sent a screeshot or an export or whatever.

You are right, 466 is the line number in the file. We can check this in version 3.2, the line is here:

The line is in the decorater offline_info. Are you trying to achieve something with offline? You have probably configured a policy in a combination with other settings, that end up in a dead end.

Hint: Usually you can increase the log level to debug and you get the complete traceback, which gives you more information (not in this case). But anyhow, increasing to debug is often a good idea, it gives you more information what is happening before and after that.