Infos about a very simple test for push auth

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer with no experience.
I have installed privacyIDEA Appliance ISO on a VM.
Imported users, etc …
I’m looking for a tutorial or the easiest way to verify push authentication via smartphone.
Perhaps through the use of an apache / ngix server …
Can anyone tell me information about it?
Thank you !!

I assume you have read this?

and that

Also see:


  1. set a PIN for your push token.
  2. use the httpie command line tool and call
    http --verify no POST https://localhost/validate/check user=yourUser pass=yourPIN
  3. You will receive a push notificattion
  4. Grab the transaction id from the response from 3.
  5. confirm the notification
  6. now poll the transaction:
    http --verify no GET https://localhost/validate/polltransaction/<transaction_id>

Or use the setting push_wait to skip step 6.

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Thank you VERY much, Cornelius !!
I will read them with great attention.
I congratulate you on your splendid software and your support activity to the whole community and dissemination!